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  When I first heard about Pauline Marois’ values charter, I was shocked and could not believe my ears what I was hearing. I had to inform myself about this new charter to make sure it was not just a “joke”. To my misfortune, I found out that there was actually a serious debate over this charter.

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Lately, the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s actions have been covered all over the news. In short, he used chemical weapons against his citizens, and as a result, the United States (US) declared that they want to attack Assad’s forces in order to put an end to it. The use of chemical and biological weapons, that have killed more than a 1,000 people up to now, is a clear violation of the 1925 Geneva Protocol that forbids such practices.

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Link: I chose the article “Quebec’s higher education minister rejects calls for free tuition”, from CBC News, because student fees on education, in Quebec, is a subject that relates to me as a student. This ethical issue makes us reflect about the value we give to education as a society. This issue also brings use to think about human rights on education.

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Link for the article:

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