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            There are so many people that impact the world we live in; these people bring positivity and light to issues that others would be too afraid to confront.

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I really liked your post! It was interesting and really gave me some insight on individuals who value animal rights. I am working on a volunteer project that happens to be directly linked to your post! It proves to be a connection since we are both speaking about animal rights and how citizens can work hand in hand in order to help decrease the number of incidents where animals are taken advantage of. I have not written many posts on animal rights on my NewsActivist page however, you can view my post on the environment as it will give you insight on how I want to inflict change.

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Danielle Eden and her husband Rob Scheinberg went to an animal shelter in Israel for an animal rescue mission in January 2016. This couple usually brings back a couple of dogs from animal shelters. Before their last mission, they already had rescued 225 dogs and kept them in their animal shelter, called Dog Tales. There shelter, that is situated in the city King in the north of Toronto, where they rescue dogs and horses. 

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            In summary, Jen Floyd Engel argues against the public reaction to Greg Hardy’s domestic violence case. The Carolina Panthers re-signed him, the NFL let him play, the fans blamed the victim and we all became bystanders to an issue that was never truly dealt with. The defensive end was originally found guilty and following an appeal was given a misdemeanor. She also discusses the constant oblivious stance we take when defending the stars of our favorite sports teams.

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            Location can have an incredible impact on the way an issue is dealt with and presented in an article. Through the use of three skilful articles, it will be shown that environmental issues arise in many parts of the globe although when examined as a whole can provide a deeper understanding of the issue and its possible solutions.

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Motherhood is most probably one of the hardest jobs in the world. However, a recent Facebook challenge has taken this job and flipped it around. In a recent article titled ''Motherhood Is A Constant Challenge - And Not Just On Facebook'' written by Tara Mandarano on January 4th, 2015 for Huffington Post Canada we learn that social media can take a toll on motherhood. Mandarano explains that the challenge is to empower mothers all around the world by posting photo collages of their journey with children.

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We can all agree that there are only a few things that beat a warm Christmas morning with relatives and a beautiful tree, am I correct?  Jason Madger does not think so as he writes a stunning and exciting article entitled ''Syrian Refugees Arrive for Start of Long Resettlement'' in the Montreal Gazette on December 13th, 2015. He explains that it was a tiring and extremely long process for Syrians who had to be finger-printed and medically checked upon arrival to Montreal airport.

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             LESS POLUTION IS THE BEST SOLUTION, but how do we make this happen? Environmental issues have always been a concern as the years go by and since we live in a world where we don’t always see the consequences of our actions until it is too late, it has become very difficult to inflict change. In an article titled ‘’For the first time in human history, global CO2 levels have exceeded the safe zone — permanently’’ written by Thom Dunn and published in the Huffington Post on December 7th, 2015, we explore the ugly truth about the air we breathe every day.

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Many of women are the victims of the violence. According to, half of women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of violence since the age of 16.There are two big types of violence, which are physical or either psychological. More specificly,we can also consider the sexual violence and verbal violence.

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            The article ''I Have the Big Job of Teaching My Black Children About Police'' written by Rachel Garlinghouse on January 5th, 2015 in The Huffington Post describes a very appalling reality faced by many caretakers of dark-skinned children. The author, a mother of three girls, gives us insight on her experience in having to raise dark-skinned children and the struggle she will face when she must explain that police will not always be who they imagine they are.

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                In the article entitled "White Privilege Needs to Own up to its Existence" published by Lauren Messervey through Huffington Post on September 22, 2015 discusses the absence of caucasians and their understanding of the privileges they were given at birth. Messervey gives a brief explanation about the concept of privilege and what it means to be on the advantaged side. She then brings up a controversial moment that occurred after the 2015 Prime Time Emmys ceremony where an African American actress named Viola Davis won best actress in a drama series.

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               The advertising industry hyper-sexualizes women and creates a body-image ideal which is unattainable. Take this ad from Dolce and Gabbana, a thin women being physically pinned down by a muscular man while three other men watch.  The image being portrayed is pretty clear. The women is ‘below’ the man, displaying her as subservient and weak. The woman is being pinned down while she looks away from the man.  The woman’s outfit is also ridiculous. Huge high-heels and a tight leather something resembling a swimsuit.

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            The article ''School Principal Fired After Racist Remark About 'Black People' At Graduation'' written by Hilary Hanson on May 14th, 2015 in The Huffington Post describes a very appalling and disgraceful moment during a private high school graduation. The author gives us insight on an incident which took many by surprise. She begins by explaining that the high school principal, who is white, was very frustrated when parents weren't listening to her speech and called out ''Look who's leaving!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2015, CNN launched a news article on their website named “Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King addresses race reports” written by Doug Criss and Dana Ford. This publication explores the case of a young man dealing with a case of race-identity controversy. The drama all started when people started accusing him of pretending he is a black man when in fact he is actually white. The whole situation is much more controversial because King has an influent role in the Black Lives Matter movement, an organization that defends black people rights.

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The article “'Human Zoo' Exhibition Featuring Black Actors In Cages Shuts Down After Protests”  by Pricilla Frank on: 09/24/2014, Speaks of nothing more than the title explains, a human zoo (That being an exhibit of humans usually displaying cultural differences between Europeans of Western civilization, and non-European people around the 19th and 20th centuries). The recent display of the human zoo that was named “Exhibit B” was demonstrating Africans Americans using a human zoo as a representation of them throughout the centuries.

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There are many causes for the dropouts in school but instead of thinking in the bad way, there are solutions that could have a great impact on the un-motivated people in school. That is why that, in order to decrease the dropout rate, the use of solutions for dropout prevention should be put into practice by the government.

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