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ckill1 in Learning to Learn
SUNY Brockport
November 14, 2014
Take a Hike!New research shows that taking a walk can enhance creativity

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In the article "Volunteers help clean vandalism from Cold Lake mosque", Josh Elliott writes about an incident of racism that occurred in Cold Lake, Alberta. On October 22nd, 2014, Canadians across the country were shocked by an attack on our nation's capital. This act of violence was brought by a Canadian born man, who converted to Islam, and left one Canadian soldier dead at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. However, this article is less about the attacks, and more about the aftermath of these attacks, specifically an event that occurred in Cold Lake.

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Are men forced to be something they're not ? From the start they've been told to man up, ignore pain and be a "man". They're told that Men don't show emotions, that men are violent, that men are sexual. To be a man, you have to fit everything in the man box.  In our Western Civilization culture, if you don't follow the manbox, you're told that you're weak, sensitive and you risk of being disrespected by others just because you don't fit the criteria of a "man". The man box has hurt more people than it helped. People are pressured to be this "man" just to be socially accepted by others.

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I like cherry blossom, because it have bloomed in neighborhood. When I was child, I always saw it. This is very beautiful and suitable Japanese traditional. So I like it. This article was wrote about cherry blossom in Japan. This is symbol of Japan. The most popular cherry blossom in Japan is “someiyoshino”. It was developed in the 19th century at the end of the Edo period. There are also many kind of cherry blossom. Referrence

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Hanging around male friends, I've heard sexist comments directed towards me as "jokes", and honestly, I've been guilty of laughing along and replying with an equally sexist comment, all in the name of good fun. But was laughing the correct behavior in this situation or should I have felt offended instead? In a culture that glorifies the trait of being funny and having a sense of humour, I defend my behavior by telling myself that I couldn’t have acted in any other way.

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