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Growing up in a community where the majority of the people are a certain race—one not of your own—can be very difficult. In some scenarios, being a different race from the community isn't really something pointed out, however in others, people sometimes make it known that your background is not the same as theirs. In the documentary Somewhere Between (Goldstein Knowlton, 2011), a film about four different girls and how their lives have been after being adopted in the U.S. because of China’s “One Child Policy”, being identified solely by your race in a neighborhood is pretty common. The documentary highlights many of the ways that race was the first, if not the only, thing some people saw when looking at an Asian girl in a White community.

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Growing up adopted is a struggle for many. The documentary Somewhere Between directed by Linda Goldstein gives first hand experience on what adoption is like.

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China is expected to finally end the first phase of th gigantic South-North Water Transfer project. This project was created because the south area of China has a lot of water, and the north does not. This project will have a cost of over than 65 billion of dollars, without including the ecological and social impacts. It will transfer 45 billion cubic meters of water per years, taking the water from the Yangtze River in southern China to the Yellow River Bassin in arid nothern China. The Chinese government has turned to an engineering scheme originally conceived by Chairman Mao.

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When students make a transfer in their lives from adolescence to adulthood, it tends to be a very stressful part of their lives. They start to learn about themselves, are given more freedom than they know what to do with, and are also given a lot more responsibilities with that freedom. These can all be stressful events.

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College students are constantly bombarded with stress from all aspects of life; academics, sports, friends etc. Students all have their own ways of handling stress. A lot of these ways are not healthy, and are harmful to students.

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In this article found on The Guardian, written by Liz Ford, the situation about young women in Africa is exposed. Actually, it is said that the situation concerning teen marriage and pregnancy is urging, because if nothing is done to help, the high rate of pregnant teen will increase of 1 million from here to 2030. In fact, this situation is highly linked to the unequality of men and women because the 15 years old girls have almost no rights on their mariiage and even their pregnancy. Fortunately, the situation is currently held by the UN and they know what is important to do.

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College is not only a place for academics and student body activities, but drinking. It is starting to become a problem on college campuses.

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The article I read was about children with special needs participating in hippotherapy. Hippotherapy is when people use horses/ horse riding as their therapy. Horseback riding as rehabilitation is something that has been recognized since 1875 (Granados, Agís 2011). The treatment relies on the horse’s movement and the patient’s reaction to the movement. The reason that this method of physical therapy is known for being affective is because a horse’s walk closely resembles a human walking, so the rider goes though the same motions of walking, without using their legs. Hippotherapy has been used to treat children who have a wide range of disabilities, including autism, cerebral palsy, communication disorders, cerebrovascular accident stroke, developmental delay, Down syndrome, language disabilities, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries (Granados, Agís 2011).

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The purpose of the article is to capture the attention of people about the possible poaching of elephant tusk some countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. This article is specific to Uganda, but it is something that is common to countries around Uganda as well. The main point of this article is makes the readers aware that “in recent years poaching has increased across sub-Saharan Africa” (BBC, 2013).

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Dating today has a totally different meaning today than it did 15 years ago. People don’t look for long term partners, or for their future, but for the now. This generation is all about having immediate gratification, not long-term pleasure

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Dating today has a totally different meaning today than it did 15 years ago. People don’t look for long term partners, or for their future, but for the now. This generation is all about having immediate gratification, not long-term pleasure.

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Students cheating their way through the learning and education system.

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