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As the societies evolves with time, sexist ads become more and more popular. One can say a lot about this following add. I am choosing to focus on what is wrong with it and why people should be concerned about it.

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“Wait,I need you to put on this name tag before you get in my bed”... This advertisement for Post-it, yes, the school supply brand, is just another example of the many offensive ads we are bombarded by on a daily basis. The 2016, “For the little things you’ll forget” campaign (Post-It), by Post-It, depicts situations in which sticky notes are used to remind people of, well, the little things they forget. This ad from the campaign depicts a woman and a man in bed. The image is centered around the woman, who has a Post-It on her forehead with “Jade” written on it.

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Duncan Quinn is an American company which specializes in clothes and accessories for men. In 2008, they published this advertisement to promote a new collection of their suits. What the company only want us to see is a male model wearing one of the very expensive suits offered by them, while he poses next to a female model who’s laying down on the top of a car. However, the population can pick up disturbing themes out of this image, which could cause a dangerous impact on their lifestyles.

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