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During the last presidential campaign in the United States, an article written by an individual with Republican ideologies illustrates Hillary Clinton’s relationnist being arrested because of the famous email scandal. Thousands of internet users shared on their social media walls an information that was sadly fake. Seeing this phenomena proves that it is primordial to learn the characteristics and the clear definition of fake news. So, the reader would be able to spot fake news, develop his curiosity and establish research concerning specific facts.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Learning to take good photographs is therefore crucial in journalism. Pictures are complementary to journalistic articles, because they allow to catch the attention of the reader. A few basic photography rules are particularly important to know: the rule of thirds, the rule of odds and the rule of space. To begin, the rule of thirds is probably the most basic of all photography rules. It is about dividing a shot into nice equal sections by imagining vertical and horizontal lines, as it can be seen in figure 1.  

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  3 dimensional (3D) animation is used in many films and appreciated by people all over the world. Young or old, anyone can enjoy a good animated film. As simple as it seems, one will be surprised by the complexity of its making, take Pixar, for example, their process of creating a 3D animated film requires several steps. The following explanations describe how they work their magic.   Beginners may find it scary upon their first look, but some detailed explanations can make it simpler. Storyboards

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