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The guardian claims that sustainable development is a vague terminology being bent like a rubber band. At the moment cities are taking resources from outskirts and giving nothing back.  Natural resources continue to diminish because of cities’ increased energy and resource consumption.

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- In Anum Yoon news article, Why the U.S. is far behind other Nations, it explains how the U.S. should use bicycles as a better form instead of a automobile. Cycling would reduce your carbon footprint. This would improve your overall health. In many neighborhoods in the U.S., bike lanes do not exists so it is very difficult for a biker to battle automobile traffic. It is also very dangerous. Cities like Washington D.C. and New York City had installed bike paths and it paid off. In Washington, the number of people who commutes with a bike has increased by 120%.

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In the article " Impacts of climate change" by David Suzuki, the article discusses the effect the climate change has on the planet and life itself. It begins by stating that climate change isn't causing small impacts to the planet but it is causing the permafrost to melt, flooding, droughts and really hot summers. Already we can see how much of an impact climate change has truly effected the species on the lamer by simply looking at the life in Antartica.  Polar bears are drowning because of lack of ice to stand on as an example.

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         This article is written by Steve Connor. He wrote about how climate change and global polluting cannot be fixed without taking care of the overpopulation of the world first. In this article, he introduced two scientists that were behind the view that the increase of the population should get fixed before global warming. They both think that if we don't control the human population, the world will be facing enormous problems. Like epidemics, violence or starvation.The Uited Nations estimates that by 2050, the planets population will be more then 9 billion.

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