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Online videogames are becoming more and more popular, it is estimated that about 500 million people worldwide play videogames for at least one hour each day. (Blake, M.) With this increasing popularity, videogames are becoming a regular part of people’s lives. Since this is the case, the fact that videogames are affecting people is undoubtedly true. The issue at hand is that some videogames are having negative consequences on individuals. The most popular videogame in the world is called League of Legends.

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Desertification: The Cancer of Earth   Allon savory talks about a global issue that we face now and in the future that can affect our future lives. In our society nowadays we think we can solve our issues with technology and it’s understandable because we are living in an era where technology plays a big part in our daily lives. This global issue is desertification which is when land turns to desert. This is caused by us humans when we create too much bare ground. It is also caused by the earth’s population, which is increasing to 10 million inhabitants.

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Euthanasia is one of the most controversial moral dilemmas in medical science. It is the act of deliberately ending someone’s life, who is severely ill and in great suffering, with their consent. Other terms used to describe this act are assisted suicide or mercy killing. There is a lot of debate surrounding this issue, some argue that no individual should help another to commit suicide under any circumstance and that this act devalues human life.

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Empirical Observations

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