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Born in 1932, this woman had good intentions towards wild animals. Murdered in 1985, people does not understand why she is gone this way. The case is still open today without knowing who is the murderer, some hypothesis advance that poachers cause it.  She was a zoologist, primatologist and environmental conservationist. She spent almost of all her life in Africa, more precisely in the gorillas of Rwanda's Virunga Mountain. What was she doing there? Well, as an animals' passionate person, she was protecting the gorillas and she was doing research about them.

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Hi folks, are you interesting by to being a volunteer and to do good acts? You can go to this website and here is the info:   *Organization’s name: Animal Rescue Network is a “no-kill shelter dedicated to the welfare of abused and abandoned animals” ►Core,values: Health and the well-being of the animals.

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In the article, “Bad water: 'Third World' conditions on First Nations in Canada” by Joanne Levasseur and Jacques Marcoux written on October 14th 2015, the topic that is brought up has been an issue ever since aboriginals have lost their land which is now owned by Canada. The article describes that there are many problems with the water resources in the reserves all around the country which seems to be ignored by the government.

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Victoria D’hain McDonald’s Canada McDonald’s is a Fast food restaurant who was created in 1955. The company went popular with is famous Big Mac and sold its 100 million Burger in 1958 and in 1968 McDonald’s has its first franchise for Eastern Canada in Ontario. Today, McDonald’s is the most popular fast food around the world.     McDonald’s award

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