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Serbians and Albanians decide to settle their political problems in a soccer field

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          The article, “Has Ebola exposed a strain of racism?” by Hannah Kozlowska published in the New York Times on October 21st discusses how Ebola might have brought various racist attitudes in care systems, medias, politics etc. To support her idea, the author uses Thomas Erica Duncan’s situation, a black man who contracted Ebola and has been refused from a hospital. However, through the articles many experts gave their opinions about racism being an issue in the medical field.

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In the article “Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist” of Nicholas Kristof published in August 2014, the reality of racism is discussed.  The main point of his article is about the widespread racism and stereotyping that young black men in America suffer. The problem is not really too much racism in America. In his article he explains that there are still many racist people without even knowing it. The larger problem is the people who consider themselves not racist. They deplore discrimination and believe in racial equality but unconsciously, they have a racist attitude.

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Four years before the World Cup in Russia, Racism is still present in Moscow  

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In media nowadays woman are usually portrayed as someone that is pretty, sexy, cute, has an amazing body and sometimes don’t get along with other females. Weak, nagging and emotional, They always need someone’s help. In reality, it’s a way different story and sadly, people don’t see it.

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