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Many diseases have symptoms that are visible to the eye like cancer, Parkinson or muscular dystrophy. The people who are affected by these diseases tend to be noticed by the population and attract unwanted stares. Although these people can fell like they are being pitied or judged, having a visible disease has its advantages or may I say, having an invisible disease has its disadvantages.

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All along the semester, I decided to concentrate my blog post and writing on a cause that is important to me, homelessness. I chose this subject because it perfectly shows how our society is build today. It demonstrate that the entire society is not build in a way that favorises a quest of solutions in this issue. Also, the well-being of every human on this planet is something that bothers me because everybody deserve the same quality.

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The issue of aboriginal abuse in Canada and the United States has been an ongoing one for many years now, and it is just recent that it has gotten more attention in the news and in the academic world.

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Crohn’s disease is an invisible chronic illness that touches the digestive system. Many people with this disease do not want to talk about their condition publicly for two reasons. First, they do not want to be labelled as a sick person. Second, having a digestive problem is embarrassing. Furthermore, many patients with Crohn’s disease have to undergo surgery and some have to resort to an ostomy surgery to save their lives.

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Going through adolescence is hard. It is even harder with an invisible disease. For my last post, I wrote a news summary about the story of a young adult, Milly Banks, who grew up with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Fribomyaglia, two invisible illnesses. She was judged a lot and said being tired of people not believing she was ill. To make a difference in the lives of people with invisible diseases she started a project in which her leisure, photography, would help her raise awareness by taking pictures of people who didn’t look sick on the outside but were on the inside.

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Milly Banks is 23 years old and has been living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Fribomyaglia, two invisible illnesses, for 14 years now. These diseases cause her “debilitating fatigue, painful joints and chronic headaches”. It took ten years before the doctors officially diagnosed these illnesses. It was particularly difficult for Milly since she did not know what was going on with her.

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Do you feel concerned about the quality of our water? Do you want to help in cleaning the Canadian coast from debris? 

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Whether animals should have rights is a subject of discussion that is still very present to this day. Many people believe that some should have rights, which is why in many places around the world laws to protect domesticated animals have been put in place. Québec has very recently joined the “elite” that includes France, Switzerland, Germany and many more countries that are protecting certain animals. Why did Québec take so long to recognize animals? This essay will discuss why and how animal laws develop in some regions focusing on Québec and Zurich.

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In 2014, Europeans celebrated their first year without animal cruelty in cosmetics. Following them were India, China and South Korea. The most recent country to be added on that list was the United States of America. As you noticed, Canada was not mentioned. (Aldworth 2014)            

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Air pollution in China is not a new issue yet it is a growing one. On December 9th 2015, Beijing saw its “first-ever 72-hour pollution red alert” because of the high level of micro-particles found in the air, that is 600 on the Air Quality Index. The reported level must be less than 25 to be considered as non-dangerous. In his article in Discovery News “China Pollution: How Bad Can the Air Get?”, Patrick J.

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A study, led by Research Professor Gidon Eshel analysed the environmental impact of beef, chicken and pork and found that the production of red meat is the more harmful one for the planet using 28 times more land and 11 times more water than the production of other meats.

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The article ‘’ The effects of pollution on fish health’’ published on December 1998, on the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the US National Library of Medicine, suggest that the large number of deaths in marine animals are caused by all the pollutants and the heavy metals  released in the water by the humans. The pollutants released into the water do affect marine animals that live there but also, on a long-term, will affect us. It can leads to a lot of incurable diseases.

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Melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleep timing is being administered to children by their parents to help them fall asleep, explains Sam Cooper in his article published in The Province.

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Migratory birds “[rely] on many different geographic locations throughout [their] annual cycle for food, rest and breeding” (par. 7). They require protection along each of these steps during their migration cycles. The issue discussed in “Few Migratory Birds Adequately Protected across Migration Cycle” is that not only this protection is not assured, it is not constant even if present. This is explained through the difference of environmental protection programs in different countries.

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The new discovery in the medical community could be as simple as doing physical activity. It seems like with the number of prescriptions per patient on the increase, researchers are going back to basic with an all-natural way of treating diseases.

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