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Jinnah was at first a member of the INC. He supported Ghandi and strived to get rid of the British. The article, "Pakistan or the Partition of India" by B.R. Ambedkar, mentions that there are two groups of people in India: the Muslim and the Hindu. It states that it isn't because you are a separate group of people that you need to separate from each other. You need to learn to live together and accept each other because diversity is such a wonderful thing. In Switzerland, they have three different groups: the German, the Italian and the French.

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As each and every educated person knows, Pakistan and Quebec have both been marked with nationalist movements in their history. The distinction between the two is that Pakistan is done with it, now being a country of its own and independent of India, while many Quebecers still fight for their beloved province to become a country separated from Canada. However, many similarities are in fact found between the the Muslims of India before they separated from it and the current French-speaking people of Quebec. As B.R.

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In my opinion, having different religions in our society brings cultural richness. Being exposed everyday to a diverse population allows one to become more tolerant towards people with different values and beliefs. Mixed religions in a society bring people to be open-minded. However, in order for society to function well, one must live his religion privately without trying to convert others. Of course, religions should not control our society because people are allowed to hold the beliefs they consider to be right.

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To begin, I think that the place of religion in society should be private. Here are my thoughts on this topic. I have absolutely no problem with any religion and I have absolutely no problem with anyone who believes in a particular religion. I love diversity because that is what makes us open ourselves and grow in the inside. However, I think that for society's and every individual's best interests, religion needs to stay private. I just want to say that going to church or to the mosque is absolutely fine, but promoting a particular religion publically should not be done.

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