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Dragon's Den team : Camille Bleau, Camille Berardelli, Andréane Deschênes, Noémie Parent-Laperle Business Plan for our company Earth Lab Cosmetics Business/Concept Summary Introduction :

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Oliver Sacks is an amazing man that is becoming more and more popular around the world due. He is a physician, best-selling author and a professor of neurology at the NYU School of Medicine as well as a visiting professor at the University of Warwick. Sacks came a long way in order to reach his many accomplishments. He was born in 1933 in London, England, his mother was a surgeon and his father was a feneral practitioner.

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Marie Curie is known to be the grandfather of radioactivity. She was a Polish scientist who was born in 1867 in the city of Warsaw. The youngest amongst 5 children, Marya Sklodovska (birth name) grew up in a poor but well-educated family. In her time period, it was very unusual for women to go to school and pursue a carrier in Chemistry and Biology. Opportunities in Poland were very limited to Marie so she went to Paris where she worked as a governess and attended the Sorbonne where she got a degree in Physics. She finished top in her school.

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The article "Republicans Sign Brief in Support of Gay Marriage" by Sheryl Gay Stolberg in the New York Times from February 25th, 2013 explains that many important Republican figures in the United States signed a brief saying that gay couples had the right to marry.  Though the Republicans are not usually associated with support for gay rights, some of the signatures have said that legalizing homosexual marriage could even help conservative family values becau

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I fell upon a news article by Elizabeth Lopatto entitled “Drugs don’t help ADHD in little kids” posted on February 16 2013 on The StarPheonix’s website for Blooming News.

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