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Salvatore Capizzi        The Truth hidden in the Weeds             There is a popular social concern in America today that has been neglected by the national government for years. Although the original ruling against this specific case was that any type of interaction with the substance was unlawful, the government has continued to ignore the issue. Individual states have even made their own personal stands in regards to this topic; some of which disobeying the Federal government’s ruling. This pressing matter is the legality of the plant/narcotic Marijuana.

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20 million dollars is being distributed to over 100 police departments by the Department of Justice in hopes to restore the public's trust in law enforcement with new technology.

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       As of the 2015 municipal elections in Saudi Arabia, women have officially been given the right to vote and run for office (Batrawy). This country has been progressively growing out of its male-dominant mindset in this modern age, allowing for the “gender apartheid” to slowly degenerate (Manea). However, because the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia goes by the Qur’an as a model for their laws, strict gender expectations still apply nonetheless.

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