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             During the past few weeks, I have been reading and summarizing news articles about physical activity and health. In fact, it was proven that obesity was due to the lack of exercise and the lack of a healthy diet. Obesity rates have increased rapidly in a short period of time. To put you in perspective, one in four Canadians are obese (Super-Sized 2). Also, obesity rates have increased from 25 to 35 percent for women and from 20 to 35 percent for men between 1988 and 2010 (You Are What You Eat 2).

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     Over a year ago, I started volunteering on a monthly basis with Greenpeace, the Phare de Longeuil working with homeless people, and the Santropol Roulant collaborating with elderly and xenophobic people. I always really enjoyed it, but recently, I came to realize that I wanted to engage myself into a greater commitment, something that would maybe not reach a lot of people, but that could have a greater impact on one individual. I wanted to meet and share with someone experiencing a different reality, or at least, more than I was used to.

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The myth about exercise being the only thing to do in order to combat obesity is in fact a misconception. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine exercising only plays a small key in the attempt to counter being obese. However, sugar and carbohydrates are the culprit’s. As stated by a London cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, the food industry is the one to blame because they are supporting people’s belief that exercising can reduce the harmful effects of unhealthy foods.

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A new study has suggested that people who are overweight are less likely to develop dementia, a brain condition that affect’s thinking and memory, versus people with a healthy weight. In fact, overweight people were 30% less likely to develop this illness than individuals who are at a normal weight. However, healthy people were 34% more likely to develop dementia. This study is quite surprising but why is it so? There are no biological findings to support this conclusion, however many tests and findings have found a link between obesity and lower cases of dementia.

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According to the British medical journal, The Lancet, obesity has become a bigger public-health problem than hunger (Swinburn 2015). Approximately, 30% of the world population is obese or overweight which is two and a half times the number of people who are undernourished. While many methods have been implemented in order to counter the growing problem, this problem is becoming an epidemic and the attempts to curtail the growth of obesity are not succeeding. . It is a health and economic issue, which crates a burden on public spending. .

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      Since their creation, fast food chains have been a source of controversy especially in the media and both sides are quick to raise pros and cons to the food and overall sanitary conditions these chains provide and contain. Nowadays, our media is riddled with ads and commercials powering possible customers to go and basically spend little for a lot, a more bang for your buck kind of deal.

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Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by advertisement. In fact, research show that the average American is exposed to about 3,000 ads every day (Media Relations, Inc. 1). Nowadays, a great amount of those ads are related to fitness and weight loss. Everyone has heard or seen an ad claiming that a certain product will make you lose 10 pounds in a week or make your muscles grow without you having to exercise.

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Michelle Lavaughn Robinson Obama also known and referred to as the First Lady, is a lawyer as well as the wife of the 44th President of the United States of America; Barack Obama. When she describes who she is and how she identifies herself, being a mother is always her first response. However, as I previously mentioned, she is also a wife, a lawyer, an advocate as well as a role model for many women.

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Original Titile:Raise the smoking age? Report predicts big health benefits if we do Written by: Joseph Netto Appeared in CNN news Published on friday March 13th 2015  

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Animal Rescue Network is a non-profit organization that helps and gives a second chance to abandoned or abused cats. This organization provides shelter and organizes a system of foster homes for the rescued felines. The shelter offers housing, sterilization and physical as well as emotional care. If you are interested in applying, you must be at least fifteen years of age; you need to work at least three hours a week for three months. Also you need to provide two references, one professional as well as a personal including a CV.

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This past summer, while sitting in my garden, I couldn’t help but notice something quite peculiar. Where were the butterflies? I remember when I was a little girl there were plenty to be of fluttering friends to be admired. But here I was, and not a butterfly was to be seen, not even my favourite, the iconic monarch. I haven’t been the only one to notice. In fact, monarch populations have shown dramatic drops in the species population over the past few years. I decided to consult a variety of sources to see how this environmental issue was being dealt with worldwide.

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In todays society everything that is news today will be old news tomorrow. Technology for example evolves instantaneously. However as swift as mankind is progressing, the one thing that is not improving worldwide is our health.  With the constant growth of fast food chains worldwide, researchers have found that obesity rates have proliferated worldwide. According to Lancet, a medical journal, no nation has taken the proper precautions in order to "slim down" their population for the past thirty years.

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Over the years we have seen that poaching has gone up, especially in a country like Africa that has many amazing and majestic animals, yet people still kill them for the sole purpose to make money. Elephants are poached for their tusks, tigers for their beautiful fur, and finally rhinos are poached for their horns. Wild rhinos are disappearing at an alarming pace and it must stop.

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To Photoshop or not is a moral dilemma that many professionals in the marketing industry face. It’s expected of them and according to Dan Strasser, handing in an untouched photo to a client would elicit a negative reaction (1). Particularly in fashion and beauty, the majority of images are retouched before consumers see them. Unfortunately, this can negatively impact consumers. A study done by the University of Wisconsin-Madison “found that women who saw images of very thin actresses and models experienced a negative effect on their body image” (1).

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Food; a broad term for sure, many thoughts come to mind when the word food is said. It could drift the attention to diet, obesity, comfort and pleasurable food, all the way to junk food. However, they all boil down to one source; it is the food industry. But how clean and concerned is this industry with people’s health? Probably, not at all.

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Coaches are extremely influential individuals in a child’s life when they are participating in a sport or any physical activity. Some coaches have a positive effect on children while others can negatively impact their mental health and overall academic and athletic performances. It is hard to imagine and admit that many coaches have demonstrated mental abuse on such athletes. This can be considered as bullying.

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Glossary of Terms 1.Transitioning: The process of socially and physically transitioning into one’s desired gender. 2.Passing: Successfully being perceived as one’s gender identity. 3.Gender Dysphoria: A condition where an individual does not identify with their sex at birth.

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Original title: The growth of Wal-Mart may have made America’s obesity epidemic worse Written by: Danielle Paquette Appeared in the Washington Post Published on Monday January 26th.  

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Original title: Quebec takes steps to protect pets from shock collars, prongs Global News, Quebec Politics   By Billy Shields Reporter Global News                                                                                                    Published on July 7th, modified on July 14th 2014  

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A young director named Sophie Peters made a documentary filmed in Belgium called «Woman of the street », in which she walks Sophie Peters walks in a very popular area of Brussels a French-speaking environment, and wipes very derogatory remarks because she is wearing a dress and boots.

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            Homelessness is a major social problem that often gets overlooked. It includes many factors such as poverty, lack of affordable housing, uncertain physical and mental health, addictions, and community and family breakdowns. To be homeless means to live without any type of shelter. In today’s world, people are acting out to the problem more by running food shelters and homes for people who aren’t as fortunate as others. To decrease homelessness there needs to be an increase in education.

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