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Political tensions escalate inexorably in North America and some other places around the world. The highly polarized divisive political climate pushes apart extreme ying-yangs who demonstrate and protest in the streets, occasionally turning violent by both groups’ perceived opponent extremes, exactly what the climate is: polarization. In Québec, no doubt then, to see that there are strong nationalist groups for which Québecois identity is threatened by rising levels of immigration.

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The Catalan people have a distinct identity, which dates far back even before Spain formed, from that of Spaniards. They are one of the most distinct peoples in Spain, which led them, after the Franco dictatorial regime where its autonomy was suspended, to be one of the most self-governing regions of Spain, alongside with the Basque Country. On October 1st of 2017, another referendum, this time binding, was held by the Catalans, again with Spanish constitutional court opposition because steps toward independence are unconstitutional to an “indissoluble unit” Spain.

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On October 26th, the Trump administration has declared the opioid crisis to be a national public health emergency under the federal Public Health Service Act in order to combat the “worldwide problem” with deep-reaching negative effects of drug abuse. In a speech delivered, he decries how the United States has lost “at least 64 000 Americans to overdoses, that’s 175 lost american lives per day, that’s 7 lost lives per hour” in 2016.

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