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    Daniel Brennan wrote the article “Why Your Good Study Habits Are Wrong” on December 22, 2013, in order to give tips about studying. According to her, a lot of parents have strong opinions about how their child study and want them to finish their homework as soon as they get back home.

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In my article summary I describe the dangers of drinking alcohol in college environments and then hooking up with unfamiliar people. This danger that many people in college can relate can have many negative outcomes.

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The main idea of the article I just read about policing of Latinos and the differences that are seen in stops made by non-Latino police and Latino drivers rather than when a non-Latino is stopped. According to the article, 69 police surveillance videos from the dashboards of cruisers were analyzed and when the results were in their hypothesis was supported. The videos showed that Latinos were stopped for much more correctable things, such as expired tags or having a headlight out, rather than speeding or reckless driving (Giles et al, 2012).

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This article addresses the flaws on the age of consent in the states of California and Wisconsin.

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In their article, Lisa Menegatos, Linda C. Lederman & Aaron Hess (2010) explore how friendship bonds affect how you act in a situation with friends and alcohol. This experiment studies, through survey, what 141 undergraduate college students would do when an intoxicated female friend was asked to go home with a male that she has never met before. In this study students used iClickers to click in the response to the following question during a power point presentation in one of their classes:       

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The core values of SPCA Montreal are to give animals a voice; they wish to give protection to animals against negligence, abuse and exploitation. They also seek to represent animal interests while insuring their well-being and make sure that people are compassionate towards animals. SPCA Canada first opened in Montreal and mainly started off with the treatment of horses. Currently, their goal is to provide shelter for animals in need and find a suitable place for them to live a happy life. There are many ways to help and assist SPCA Montreal as a volunteer.

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Earlier this month, I posted an article about Jean-Sebastien Chouinard who advocates against the consumption of alcohol especially that of underage teens. The dangers of heavy alcohol consumption are real and there is no better example than the new social hit of the Neknomination.

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Making all public college tuition free would cost significantly less than what our federal government currently spends on tax breaks and financial aid alone.

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In her article, Laurie Penny (2013) speaks out about the recent magazine headlines: Miley Cyrus’ performance at the Video Music Awards. Penny questions the torment that Cyrus had recently been subject too, namely a letter written by Sinead O’Conner to Cyrus. Penny continues to state that many young women are faced with the same problem, whether to conform to societal norms and be a “good girl” as Miley Cyrus portrayed in “Hannah Montana” or whether to be able to use their bodies as a powerful weapon in their lives. She questions why we should be allowed to be seen in a certain way, and that is considered good, even something that is sought after, but if we act on these feelings and “objectify” ourselves we are seen as sluts, or like ideas. (Penny, 2013)

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