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It is very well known that Chinese families put extreme pressure on their kids to be good, if not the best, at school. This results in students working astonishingly hard to  study and to overwork to an unhealthy level. As for the parents, many of them downgrade their way of living in order to offer their kids an education a shot at obtaining the ''Chinese Dream'', which is the ideal lifestyle valued by the Chinese population.

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Homeschooling was seen as the “norm” up until about 1970. In the late 1970s, the number of children homeschooled increased again, and the number of homeschooled children in 2010 was about 2 million. Research has been done on the test scores and behavior of those children being taught by their own parents. After mass amounts of research, homeschooling has been found to be more beneficial than harmful to those being educated at home. Those in opposition to homeschooling argue that it messes with the academic, social, emotional, and psychological development of the students.

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This article is about the different styles of parenting and how their children are affected. How a parent treats their child from the time of birth results in how the child will act and behave through out the rest of their adolescent lifetime. The two parenting types that are focused on in this article are authoritative parenting and permissive parenting. Authoritative parenting involves an aggressive parenting style. The parents are usually controlling and overbearing. They use high control tactics with low levels of love and affections.

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What are you thinking about now?

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In the article on BBC News written by Nina Lakhani, the situation of abortion that El Salvador is facing is exposed. It is said that women have the obligation to keep a baby if pregnant, and therefore abortion is illegal. Not only it is illegal but the women who are denouced are accused of murder of their child, and a case of miscarrying is therefore considered suspicious. Women who are denouced are sent to women's prison where they face their sentence for years. Even if a women is pregant by the result of a rape, abortion is not accepted.

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Dating today has a totally different meaning today than it did 15 years ago. People don’t look for long term partners, or for their future, but for the now. This generation is all about having immediate gratification, not long-term pleasure

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You've just completed four years of high school. Kudos to you!!! Still college is nearing but you aren't sure if that is the right option for you because of finances. This shouldn't be a major concern in furthering your education but evidently it is...

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