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The article “Russian lawmaker wants to take children away from gay parents” written by Gabriela Baczynska is all about homosexual discrimation. It has only been a few years that homosexuality is legalized in Russia, more specifically in 1991. Obviously, there are still people in Russia who think homosexuality is wrong and that it is a mental problem. Some Russians even think homosexuals should be prosecuted; therefore, according to them, homosexuality should be abolished.

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A 19-year-old student was allegedly anally raped when she unknowingly had been given a date-rape drug. She then went to the hospital where she was denied treatment due to the fact that she seemed to be intoxicated. That second time, the Washington D.C police were called because “D.C requires hospitals to obtain a statement deeming sexual assault credible before issuing a rape kit.” Even after police were called there was no rape kit. The woman is now suing the hospital she went too, though nothing else has been reported.

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Most people know that there are risks of skin cancer with indoor tanning because it is talked about so much and looked down upon. But, people that do indoor tan tend to dismiss these claims. In TIME magazine’s article “Teen Tanning” by Adi Narayan (2009), proof is shown of just how much indoor tanning increases the risk of skin cancer especially in teenagers.

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The article “Facing Fury Over Antigay Law, Stoli Says ‘Russian? Not Really’” By Andrew Higgins of the New York times posted on September 7th, 2013 discusses the social issue that is discrimination (Homophobia in particular) in Russia today. This summer, a large number of Americans were outraged with the way Russia was supporting homophobia and the way which they were treating their citizens that are of a minority. Americans therefore decided they would boycott Stolichnaya vodka which they believe to be a Russian brand of Vodka.

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