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Inequalities between men and women still remain in science despite the improvements made in the last few years. Cassidy R. Sugimoto compares different countries regarding gender parity in research publishing in his article ‘’Global gender disparities in science.’’ This article piqued my interest due to its analysis of the causes regarding these disparities, where the culture of countries is treated as a first hand factor.

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Recently, I have taken interest in the following question: why are there still so few women in science? In search for answers, I’ve come across interesting articles, one of which exposes common stereotypes in society and denounces how people fail to recognize their absurdity.

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During this political campaign, the Green Party of Canada claimed to be very concerned about science and how the party will consider it as an integral part of governmental decision making, but do their claims meet up to concrete action plans?

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This article is focusing on an important medical issue, which is the loss of eyesight as a person grows in age, called age macular degeneration. In this news report, a solution to macular degeneration, abbreviated AMD, is presented, introducing a new technology: implanting electrodes on the surface of the retina. The first implantation has been performed, on Ray Flynn, a senior with degrading eyesight.  

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Surely you have once asked yourself this question: what exactly is the universe? Many scientists are searching for answers and have submitted numerous theories, such as the string theory you may have heard about. Recently, a theory has been submitted and could explain how most types of waves travel through the universe: what if space behaved like a fluid?

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Of all the years that I have been going to school, the main complaint that I have is that school starts way too early which means that am no getting enough sleep and I am tired when I go into school. This is a very big problem mainly because if all of the students are tired when they get into school every day, it will really effect the first half of their learning period because they won’t be able to retain the information that they are learning as well as they would if they had gotten an extra hour or two of sleep due to schools starting later in the day.

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Back in 1990s, the Hubble space telescope was launched to orbit outside Earth’s atmosphere with a mission to help humans answer questions about outer space. It has been 25 years since its launch and Hubble has helped scientists come several steps closer in answering fundamental questions such as: “Who are we?” and “Where do we come from?”. Although, Hubble’s life span is coming to an end and it will soon escape his orbit. Thus, scientists are developing a new space telescope which will replace Hubble: the James Webb space telescope.

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Society nowadays is facing many problems regarding livestock. Many think that animals are enduring unimaginable conditions and pain at the slaughterhouse. Others think that animal population will soon be insufficient to insure the needs of our planet’s population. Nevertheless, scientists may have found a solution to this matter featuring a new technology: synthetic meat.

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Throughout the 21st century, GMO’s, or Genetically Modified Organisms, have been increasingly present in our society. These organisms have led to worldwide controversy regarding their consequences on the human body and on the environment surrounding them. Businesses are using GMO’s in order to gain in profit and clientele. Others think that they could be the solution to worldwide famine.

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Petroleum has long dominated and continues to dominate our modern transportation, but issues such as pollution and availability of this fuel are making this source of energy uncertain. Society is dependent on transportation and progress is necessary in order to improve this technology worldwide. After years of research and experimentation, Toyota, from the industry of automobile, had released the Mirai, using a new and revolutionary source of power: hydrogen.

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As most of you, I've seen the image of Aylan, only three years of age, lying on a Morrocan beach. This powerful image, summarizing the cruelty of the inhumane reality of the Syrian migrants, made me realize how lucky I was. But what about the migrants from the others countries, the ones in the shadow of the Syrian crisis? This entry is dedicated to them, as I'll review a "New-York Times" article on the Iraqis migrants.

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