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The purpose of the article I chose was to bring awareness to the negative contributions of pollution coming from the Canadian side of Lake St. Clair. Detroit, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario are two cities that border Lake St. Clair and St. Clair river. This article looks at the Canadian side of the lake and the factories such as Shell Canada’s fuel dock that contribute to the pollution of the water and air. Sarnia is within the Canadian Chemical Valley, which is an area that produces 40% of petrochemicals for Canada. There have been a large number of chemical spills in St.

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The article "`This is possible. We did it`: the week Portugal ran on renewables" is an arguement for the feasability of renewable energy as an energy source, using the event mentioned in the title, quotes from sources such as the president of an environmental NGO, a renewable energy company's managing director and the countries' energy secretary to present the artical's case, along with discussing Portugal's history with renewable energy to give context to how such an achievement became possible.

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