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In my latest project, I studied what are the problems in our everyday lives that keep us from going forward in the gender equality matter. I looked at impartial articles on gender studies, men's studies and sociology to find the general causes of gender inequality in our social environment and found out that the major factors in that issue were that women are expected to work a double shift of work when they get home because of gender role. Also gender generalization in our society prevents us from being equal with everybody who doesn't fit the mold our society puts them into.

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Throughout the semester I chose to concentrate my writing and blog post on homelessness. I chose this subject because I am very concerned about people’s well-being and even more about vulnerable persons’ well-being. Homelessness is a topic that really affects me because a member of my family encountered some difficulties linked to homelessness. When he first started his company, he borrowed a lot of money from the bank and had many debts. At the begging his company did not work really well so, he did not have enough money to pay off all of his debts.

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Bills Gates is a famous American businessman and entrepreneur. In 1975 he co-founded Microsoft, the biggest PC software company in the whole world. He is now part of the Forbes list of the world's wealthiest people. He have been declared the wealthiest person several times throughout his life and he officially is since 2014. He has a net worth of approximately US$77.3 billion. In 1994, Gates married Melinda Ann French and together they created Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the year 2000.

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Last week I wrote a post about the increase of mortality among homeless people in British Columbia. Today, I found an article about a study that examines “mortality among homeless enrolled in Housing First”. Housing First is an approach that focusses on ending homelessness by providing housing and services to the people in need. In this article named “Examining mortality among formerly homeless adults enrolled in Housing First: An observational study” written by Benjamin F.

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In the article “New report shows an increase in homeless deaths in B.C.” published by CBC News on March 29th, shocking information were revealed. The author, Rafferty Baker, explains in details that homeless deaths are increasing the Canadian province of British Columbia.  It is stated that according to the BC Coroners Service, homeless deaths have increased of 70% since 2013. 46 deaths were reported in 2014, this number does not seem like a lot but the number of unreported deaths is much higher. Barb McLintock from the BC Coroners Service states that the data is clearly incomplete.

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In the article called “Colby Cosh: The magic of ‘ending homelessness’ — and ending up with more” by Colby Cosh in the National Post on March 21st, 2016, the author comments on the state of homelessness in Canada, more particularly in Edmonton, Alberta. The main highlight is that this winter has been a very busy one for the homeless shelters, even if this winter was not as harsh as the previous years. Plus, the staff working in these shelters reported a 42 per cent increase in outdoor sleeping.

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I believe that Accueil Bonneau is a good volunteering opportunity for people who care about the homeless and who want to help them in their journey of reintegration in the society. The organization’s ultimate goal is to guide the homeless people into the right path. The workers and volunteers actively contribute to their rehabilitation and the exercise of citizenship. Moreover, the core values of this non-profit organization are trust, welcome, compassion, respect and solidarity.

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       As of the 2015 municipal elections in Saudi Arabia, women have officially been given the right to vote and run for office (Batrawy). This country has been progressively growing out of its male-dominant mindset in this modern age, allowing for the “gender apartheid” to slowly degenerate (Manea). However, because the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia goes by the Qur’an as a model for their laws, strict gender expectations still apply nonetheless.

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Five years ago, the Egyptian community engaged themselves in an important protest to overrule the autocratic system of President Hosni Mubarak. According to an Amnesty International report, since this event over 41 000 people have been arrested, accused or sentenced for different type of convictions. To make this situation even worst, many of these people were sentenced “in absentia”.

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La Loche is supposed to be known as a calm and peaceful village located in the northwest part of Saskatchewan. But, last Friday, the whole town was paralyzed due to a major incident. Nine people were shot and a 17 years old male killed 4 of them during a mass shooting at the local high school. Obviously, the La Loche community is still devastated by the sequence of events but they stand strong and completely support the victims’ family.

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  Drug traffickers have been in control over the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the past several years. However, just recently, the government has finally decided to take control over this and has sent the city’s police to get rid of all of these drug traffickers. The purpose of this is to help clean up the favelas because they have been going downhill for quite a long time now.

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