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     Masculinity, where to even begin. Honestly, speaking as a man, it’s become very unclear what it is to be a man; what people want a man to be. This tough as stone, cool as ice, suave look men have been expected to hold simply doesn’t work. It’s a look that has been encouraging dominance, adoring violence and forever more feeding ones’ ego. This ‘masculinity’ though has been both slowly fading and growing. More and more are beginning to feel confident/accepted to display their true emotions, true selves.

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The article entitled “Nadiya Hussain has won so much more than the Great British Bake Off” was written in The Guardian on Thursday October 8 2015 by Remona Aly. Nadiya Hussain was a contestant and the winner of the famous British television show that airs on BBC Two, The Great British Bake Off. The author explains how she gained popularity and attracted the attention of a lot of people because she is an Asian Muslim woman wearing a headscarf. Moreover, Nadiya was feeling nervous and scared that people would see her and think that she cannot bake because she is wearing a head scarf.

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Huffington Post article 'Company Apologises for White Only Nurse Job Ad' by CBC news covers an unfortunate incident that took place in the Canadian town of Burlington, Ontario. Posted on July 15th, the story focuses on an ad for Retire at Home -a senior care service- in which the listing specifically requested a Caucasian nurse. The ad was taken down, the poster fired, and the posting apologised for by the company's CEO, Rick Norland, once attention was brought to it after nearly a week and Norland is stated to have claimed the incident was not reflective of the company's views.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2015, CNN launched a news article on their website named “Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King addresses race reports” written by Doug Criss and Dana Ford. This publication explores the case of a young man dealing with a case of race-identity controversy. The drama all started when people started accusing him of pretending he is a black man when in fact he is actually white. The whole situation is much more controversial because King has an influent role in the Black Lives Matter movement, an organization that defends black people rights.

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