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Ariana Castanheiro   Racial Microstressors, Racial Self-Concept, and Depressive Symptoms among Male African-Americans during the Transition to Adulthood Summary

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The fragrance industry is prone to a lot of explicit advertisements. Some fragrance organizations use explicit content to their advantage in trying to attract, convey a certain message, and leave a positive (or negative) reaction to both men and women. This tactic usually shows to be advantageous to said companies. One company, Tom Ford, made a series of different ads for men’s cologne featuring a naked woman covered in oil (or sweat) with the bottle of cologne hiding her “private parts”.

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In the race and racism class, we have discussed multiple times children’s costumes that are no cultural sensitive such as Indians and cowboys, geishas, etc. These costumes are available to both children and adults, although the adult costumes seem to be more “sexy” than the children options. This however is controversial because of the mass murders that the indigenous people experienced in Canada and that they are still suffering from that.

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Many waitresses and waiters are sexually harassed while they are at work by customers, manager and coworkers. A lot of workers are sexually harassed verbally and physically.

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Racism is  a very present issue in the world that we live in. We hear, talk or maybe even experience it everyday. Learning about race and racism has already opened my eyes and I am already starting to look at the world differently. What has shocked me the most so far in this anthropology class is realizing that race is nothing but a social construct. They are beliefs that have been imposed on us that do not even exist scientifically. If everybody stopped believing in races and racism then it would not exist and therefore not be a social issue.

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