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In our increasingly digital age, photography has become popular and the role of photojournalists has grown in the media, however, “the special problems of violence and truth telling in wartime and issues of how to handle graphic images across media platforms receive virtually no attention” (Keith 2009). The English Oxford Dictionary defines photojournalism to be “the practice of communicating news by photographs...” (English Oxford Dictionary).

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On January 25th, The New York Times announced that Vladimir Poutin approved a new law that reduces the sentence one can get if charged with domestic violence. Moreover, for now on, criminal charges will only be given if the victim was seriously injured (“concussion, broken bones or repetitive offense”). Some people go as far as saying that it is normal for parents to hit their children since it is a part of their culture. On the other side, some people believe it is a “step back to medieval times” and believe this law should not be in place.Afterwards, Ms.

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Governments most often invest in public medical research programs that are likely to benefit the large majority of the population. This puts research for rare diseases at a disadvantage, as the private pharmaceutical industry is reluctant in investing in research that would not result in a lucrative business, as its results would target only a small number of people. Thus, patients with debilitating rare disorders are left without treatment options and often a lack of even a basic scientific understanding of the disease.

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On October 19th, Justin Trudeau, age 43, got elected as prime minister of Canada and formed a majority liberal government. Like many other politicians and public figures, he too has faced many gender stereotypes and responded with other gender stereotypes. Soon after his win, the National Observer posted an article titled Justin Trudeau’s Fight For The Top online which highlighted Trudeau’s strategies and struggles throughout his campaign.

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The article "Black Model Nykhor Paul Is 'Tired Of Apologizing For [Her] Blackness' posted by Julee Wilson on August 17th 2015 to Huffington Post Canada centers around the idea of racism in the fashion industry. South Sudanese model Nykhor Paul's Instagram post is referenced, where she expresses her annoyance of professional makeup/hair stylists not being prepared to deal with a black girl by not having the right color makeup or never having practiced with dark hair textures.

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If Dolce&Gabbana is a clothing company, then why does a woman without any clothes appear in their ad? Though the printed ad has no other caption then the name of the company, the message it is trying to convey comes loud and clear. By showing a naked woman sitting amongst a group of well-clothed men holding guns, drinking wine, it is being implied that men buying clothes from this company will give them power over women and enjoyment.

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“The Meaning of Serena Williams”, an article written by Claudia Rankine that was published on August 25th 2015 in the New York Times, discusses the biased opinions of the media with regards to the ideal image of a winner. The main arguments supporting this central idea involve Serena Williams’ view on the widespread issue of racism and the medias’ interpretation of excellence.  Although the media has attacked her with regards to her appearance on countless occasions, Williams does not accept “racist projections” about her body.

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