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The benefit of studying law as a social science is it is a main part of society as a whole.  Sociology, political science, law, anthropology, and history are disciplines in the study of social sciences.  Social sciences focus on societies from the past and present.  Law controls actions, behaviours, and as members of society we are obligated to obey the law.  Law is one of the focuses of social sciences that govern its members of society.  Having the ability to understand how societies work and how the law impacts our lives on a daily basis.  By working together to improve the lives of memb

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We obey the law because it governs our actions.  We must follow decisions through societal norms to be an acceptable member of a community.  If we choose to break the law then we need to be prepared to deal with the consequences of our actions.  Consequences could lead to probation, fines, or being incarcerated for a set amount of time and having a criminal record for the rest of life.  Charges are not worth living with in adulthood and pardons take a long time to be approved.  These consequences also limit employment and travel beyond borders.

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An example of the way that I encounter the law on a regular basis is on the roads and highways.  The Highway Traffic Act was established to set the rules of the road, the eligibility of both drivers and vehicles.  Driving is a privilege and not a right, so my privilege could be taken away at any point in my life.  There is no way that I could survive using public transit if I were to ever lose my driver's license.  I drive my children to where they need to go and myself.  Even though I may not see the police patrolling, I know they are out there and I am very aware what the consequences are

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