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Media has been a method that has influenced the public enormously. All of the information that is obtained, sculpts the world that society lives in. The various forms of media such as television, music video and the internet, allows people to envision a world depending on the content of these medias. Although, people tend to consider the media as being independent from political influences, that is not the case. In Canada, the content viewed by millions is, in fact, monitored.  

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The case of the young native Makayla Sault, the girl who refused cancer treatment, raised a lot of debate during the last month. After her first month of chemotherapy, she (and her parents) decided to get on holistic medicine and leave chemo. Unfortunately, Makayla passed away. Her parents claim that her death was caused by the treatment, when specialists blame the cancer itself. Everyone should have the right to decide how to cure (or not) themself, that is why I think not leaving someone make its own choice is unethical.

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In life, there are no black and white lines, but only grey areas. The moral dilemma with abortion is an example of the grey areas. For decades, there has been the arguments about whether a fetus is a living being or not. When is a fetus considered as human life? This issue will always never have a right or wrong solution. It depends on the individual and their beliefs which can answer this question. Many people can think that it is when the fetus is conceived that its life begins, but others might think that it is when the birth occurs.

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