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Patcher, Bernstein, Szalacha and Coll’s (2010) study investigated at which frequency children see or are in presence of racism. The hypothesis of this study was that racism could have negative impacts on the health and development of a child, but also on his emotional and psychological reactions.

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this article took a look at the problems that come along with the use of Native American based names and mascots on sports teams across the country

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The housing market in Toronto is at the highest that we’ve seen in years. Toronto is the fastest growing metropolis in the continent and quickly becoming one of the most expensive North American regions to live in. Housing affordability is among the top issues that our country is currently facing. Changing demographics and population are leading to both a rise in markets and cost due to supply and demand. In recent years consumers have become more environmentally conscious. Green technologies have made advancements towards implementing sustainable energy into homes.

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Sitting out the national anthem can be taken in many different ways, but if you look into why Colin Kaeppernick did this you may see there is a deeper reasoning.

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For the past 18 years of my life, I have classify human beings into “races”. Why would I categorize people with skin color? In my opinion, it was just easier and obvious until one day I realized that human classification was a whole lot more complex than I thought. In the following text, we will see how many variables can make human classification injudicious.

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Should basic coding be a mandatory class in Junior High? Analyst Tim Bajarin discusses the subject.

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