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The evolution of the Civil Rights movement today has taken a turn towards violence and upheaval of authority. The major difference between the early Civil Rights movement and today’s is the early movement had defined goals. During the Civil Rights Movement, much of the earlier attention was towards the right to vote; however, the movement today has shifted to distributing attention on many injustices surrounding racial tensions.

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Neoliberal free trade is a net positive for humans because competition puts the needs of consumers before the needs of an agenda-oriented government. In this economic structure there will be trade offs, putting many small businesses and fledgling industries out of business, but in the end we need to globalize our economy for competition. When the consumer has the power to choose, we all win. Neoliberal free trade is positive because it decreases taxes for goods being imported, and thus exported goods from other nations.

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The admission of refugees has become a controversial matter all over the world. There are countries which accept many refugees and other that accept only a few. Also I understand that there are both advantages and disadvantages. Then, are there no other ways to help desperate refugees?

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