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            Should we boycott the Russian Olympics after the Russian government has announced its anti-gay propaganda law? This controversial law bans Russian citizens and visitors from influencing 'the practice of' same-sex orientation to minors. Since the law has been passed, Russians have been beaten and imprisoned because of their (suspected) sexual orientation. Now, with the upcoming Winter Olympics being held in Russia; state leaders are scrambling to make a decision on whether or not boycotting the Russian Olympics would be both a reasonable and a fair decision to take.

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Each year, millions of people are impatiently waiting for the new Iphone by Apple. And each year, you have the same box you had last year, except some minor changes like a better camera and a better screen resolution. And for how much? Not 200$, not 300$, but 600$! It is up to you to decide if you buy it or not, but I think apple is going too far this year.  

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The title of the article: "Almost half of the world's food thrown away, report finds" by Rebecca Smithers speaks for itself. Earth's populations is growing at an exponential rate and its food stocks are limited, in demand and over-exploited. Nonetheless, nearly half of the food produced in the world is lost in some way or another. This is an alarming statistic!

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