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Above is an axe commercial released in Spain (Turn-o-Matic, in 2000 (15 years of Axe Effect: the world’s most sexist advertising campaign, by the Lola Madrid agency. What we see in this piece of commercial rhetoric designed to capture the eyes and the wallets of young men is a classic example how the advertising industry does advertising wrong in so many ways and on so many levels; especially when portraying men and women in society.

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                                         In the article “Understanding the roots of homophobia around the world” written by Amy Adamczyk she explains how different factors such as money, freedom of speech and religious play a big role in homophobia in different countries. According to Adamczyk, every characteristic in each part of the world influences how people feel about homosexuality. She analyzed 80 nations in the attitudes, values and beliefs in order to explain the roots of homophobia.

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