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Michael S. Rosenwald, discusses in his article Are mass shootings contagious? Some scientists who study how viruses spread say yes, the possibility that mass shootings are a medical epidemic. He argues that mass shooting rampages (i.e. violence) are a learned behavior. He compares them to the simple act of yawning because as we know when we see someone who yawns, we tend to respond similarly almost instantaneously.

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Female and male roles in society are often based on social assumptions that have been constructed around preconceived behaviors of each sex. Marriage has been viewed as the most aspiring objective to which each woman should live up to. Men, on the other hand, are said to view marriage as a forced institution. Getting a man to subject himself to this lifelong commitment is seen as the most rewarding accomplishment for women. The ways in which women manage to entrap their men into matrimony are numerous and passed on through generations.

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A) The topic of this paper is the income inequality gap among population in the United States. This paper will be both comparative and analytical. It will examine the causes of income inequality and compare the gap with another country whose wealth is more evenly shared among its citizens. Finally, this essay will question how the gap can be minimized and how another country’s income is more evenly distributed.  

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The issue on overpaid athletes has been a popular discussion topic over the past few years. I will state both the pros and cons concerning the issue. The cons are filled with facts that prove the excessive salary that certain athletes receive every year. For example, the lowest paid Cubs player in 2012 made 417,000$. In other words, the highest paid doctor makes the same salary as the lowest paid baseball player. Also, several football players are paid around $20 million annually. Everyone`s first reaction would be complaining and stating how unfair it is.

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