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Ask any average student what is essential for his or hers survival during exam season and its most likely the first answer will be coffee. A great number of students, myself including, go to Starbucks in the evening to get a soothing atmosphere and fuel to prevent us from falling asleep in our notes.

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Hollywood is one of the few industries where there is little to no discrimination between men and women. However, it was not always like this. Barely a century ago, male stars were the main focus of the film industry and women were relatively ignored. It was in this era that Katharine Hepburn (1907-2003) began her career. However, having been raised by parents who encouraged her to think for herself, she was outspoken and refused to conform to the Hollywood publicity machine. She was married once, but, after her divorce, decided to live independently and never remarried.

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A project in Germany called “Youths with Extreme Obesity Study (YES),” is trying to address the issue of obesity in adolescents. This project aims to inform teenagers of the health risks involved in obesity as well as try and solve the issue of obesity in adolescents. Although there are some limitations in this study, some good may result by examining the limited results of the study.

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Research indicates that the chance of someone using tobacco relates to where an individual lives in a given area. Although this may seem arbitrary studies suggest this is indeed the case.

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This article focuses on how although the education system is changing quickly and making rapid switches from paper to portable devices in efforts to focus on individual-based style learning, it is important to remember that the one thing in education that hasn’t changed is the teachers wanting to help each child individually. As time has gone on the best way to do this is by using technology because the technology can cater to every child’s needs. If the technology helps the children who are excelling then the teachers are now able to help the children who are struggling.

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Fashion and beauty are part of our every day life. We are judge constantly on our appearance and ignoring others' judgment is extremely difficult. People are ready to do many things to achieve what they want to look like. Whatever they do, some will never like what they see in the mirror.  These people will often develop eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. These problems are very present in the women's fashion industry because girls are constantly comparing themselves with each other.

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Vehicle fatalities have increased due to more distracted drivers being on the road using their cell phones and trying to multi-task while driving. Could these fatalities decrease drastically if there were more laws and regulations enforced by the state and government and if more people took responsibility to refrain from texting and driving.

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