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              Race, sexuality and class play a role in many different aspects of life all over the world. These can both be factors of discrimination, or can boost one’s social standings. It’s not easy to cross over borders, but it does happen as shown in “MY Beautiful Laundrette” (Stephen Frears 1985).

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As if teens binge drinking wasn't bad enough, sexual promiscuity had to be added on top of it.

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Teenagers are bound to sleep with each other, but its important to be equip with education in order for them to make smart decisions.

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Underage drinking in college is a very common but very serious matter, binge drinking in particular. The amount of alcohol related deaths in the past year remained the same even though the number of students consuming alcohol decreased. Teachers, parents and even the government notice how dangerous underage drinking has become but know little of what they can do. Some kids are starting as early as high school.

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The article Why Russia's Sochi Olympics are now a battleground for gay rights, posted by CNN on August 10th, 2013, describes and explains the controversy that has emerged following the adoption by the Russian parliament of what is considered to be an “anti-gay” law. The law in question, signed by Russian president Vladimir Putin and brought under the spotlights in the perspective of the forthcoming 2014 Sochi Olympics, prohibits “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations to minors”.

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Teens all over the United states are getting into bed with potential killers. Tanning beds that is, and increasing their risk of melanoma.

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