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‘‘Idle No More calls on all people to join in a peaceful revolution, to honour Indigenous sovereignty, and to protect the land and water’’  

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The CBC news team received information that the CSEC (Canada’s electronic spy agency) has used intelligence from the Wi-Fi at a major Canadian airport of thousands of travellers for a two-week period. The information that was received from the cell phones would indicate the calls made by the owner as well as the location they were made from. The content however wasn’t monitored and can only be censored by obtaining a warrant. The monitoring made by the CSEC was a trial run for new software that is being developed.

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During the recent Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in the United States, students part of a fraternity in an Arizona University decided to celebrate in a unique and possibly offensive way. Arizona State University holds a population of more than 77,000 students. Only 5% of the school’s population are black. On January 22nd, a national holiday in the states, commoderating Martin Luther King Jr., a fraternity group held a party where ‘non-black’ students mocked stereotypical black culture.

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There is a particular subject that my dad always told me about since I am young: the cost of the health care in the United States. For the past few months and since the electoral promises of Barack Obama the subject took an important place in the news. Today, there are 25 percent of the families who struggle to pay for health care bills and approximately 10 percent of them received bills that are just not able to pay. Also, 40 percent of family who have health assurance have trouble to pay their medical bills.

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On June 15, 2013, a 16-year-old boy named Ethan Couch was caught with DUI in Texas. As a result, he ended up killing 4 people and severely injured 2 others in Forth Worth, Texas. Luckily for the boy, the judge was convinced by Ethan’s lawyers that the wealthy teenager was suffering from “affluenza,” a term which means that his parents gave him zero consequences to any of his actions whether good or bad. The term has been claimed by the psychologist Dick Miller.

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  Spy Agencies Tap Data Streaming From Phone Apps By JAMES GLANZ, JEFF LARSON and ANDREW W. LEHRENJAN. 27, 2014

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“The political philosopher Sheldon Wolin, in his essential book “Democracy Incorporated,” calls our system of corporate governance “inverted totalitarianism,” which represents “the political coming of age of corporate power and the political demobilization of the citizenry.” It differs from classical forms of totalitarianism, which revolve around a demagogue or charismatic leader; it finds its expression in the anonymity of the corporate state. The corporate forces behind inverted totalitarianism do not, as classical totalitarian movements do, replace decaying structures with new structures. They instead purport to honor electoral politics, freedom of expression and the press, the right to privacy and the guarantees of law. But they so corrupt and manipulate electoral politics, the courts, the press and the essential levers of power as to make genuine democratic participation by the masses impossible. The U.S. Constitution has not been rewritten, but steadily emasculated through radical judicial and legislative interpretation. We have been left with a fictitious shell of democracy and a totalitarian core.” - Chris Hedges

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“Perhaps at the time of the 1992 Earth Summit, or even at the turn of the millennium, 2°C levels of mitigation could have been achieved through significant evolutionary changes within the political and economic hegemony. But climate change is a cumulative issue! Now, in 2013, we in high-emitting (post-)industrial nations face a very different prospect. Our ongoing and collective carbon profligacy has squandered any opportunity for the ‘evolutionary change’ afforded by our earlier (and larger) 2°C carbon budget. Today, after two decades of bluff and lies, the remaining 2°C budget demands revolutionary change to the political and economic hegemony” - Kevin Anderson, Deputy Director of the Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research (UK)

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