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Schizophrenia can be a tricky illness to define; not all symptoms are common from individual to individual, and even symptoms like hallucinations and delusions are not universal symptoms. The one correlation that can be found is the presence of Thought Disorder: the loss of logical thought processes that either allow the affected individual to make sense of their own thoughts, or keep their thoughts in a logical pattern and reason away ideas we could easily deem absurd.

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National Institutes of Health scientists have recognized a novel part for a quality known as heat shock protein 60 (Hsp60), finding that it is basic in tissue recovery and wound mending. The review found that topical treatment of a Hsp60-containing gel drastically quickens wound cessation in a diabetic mouse subject. The review likewise portrays the instrument by which this works, finding that Hsp60 protein is discharged at the site of damage, flagging injury mending to start.

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Sean Bigler BIO 206 April 11, 2017   Article:   YOU HAVE TWO HOURS TO COMPLETE THE CALCULUS EXAM…LET’S BEGIN.  (Psst!.......Is your math anxiety heritable, environmental or a multifactorial construct?)  

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It seems like far too often I am hearing about friends or former classmates that have become addicted to heroin or have overdosed. It can be so frustrating sometimes, and you think to yourself why someone would do that, or why don’t they just stop. It is well known that addictions are extremely hard to overcome, but there may be another factor playing a part. An article published on March 27th, 2017 suggests that there is a connection between the low activity C allele of MAOA rs1137070 and a higher sensitivity to heroin addiction.

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