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Taking a look at how religious discord within families affects the quality of relationship between parents and young children. Research suggests that higher religious discord correlates with a lower quality relationship. From my experience I have found this to be true.

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There are certain topics that most people don’t enjoy talking about, or even thinking about for that matter. One of these subjects pertains to the issue of sex trafficking, especially sex trafficking of minors. In her article “Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in the United States,” Kimberly Kotrla covers the meaning and frequency of sex trafficking within our very own country’s borders.

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   According to the article "How Cell Phones Have Changed Our Lives", by Douglas Stewart, published on May 30, 2008, cell phones has made our life much more convenient. Cell phones has brought many advantages to our daily living. For example, a family member could call home in order to mention  he won't be eating dinner home instead of going all the way back to his house. In other cases, a child could call their parents if he missed his bus. That way, family members are easier in touch with each other. Another pros would be that shopping is a lot more easier.

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On, I read an article by Ivan Watson and Gul Tuysuz titled “Turkish PM vows to 'eradicate' Twitter, users see service disruptions”.  The article stated that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a speech at a campaign rally about wiping out Twitter which is 10 days before election.  He stated at this speech that eradicating Twitter has nothing to do with freedom but the world will know their power once they get rid of twitter.

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College Presidents are pushing for lowering the drinking age to 18. Is it a good idea or a terrible idea?

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Foster care attempts to create a loving environment for those without a home. However, these so called “homes” that parentless children are placed into are often unstable and potentially cause later trust issues within individuals after they age out of the system. Authors Angela L. Hudson and Karabi Nandy found interest in researching and comparing the differences of substance abuse, high-risk sexual behavior and depressive symptoms among homeless adolescents and young adults.

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In recent news, all attention is turned towards the Olympics and other major issues. However, this unfortunately means other subjects are ignored. Child abuse in one of them. The two news articles, from the New York Times and The Gazette, that will be summarized in this post relate to child sexual abuse in relation with the church.  

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The diagnosis of ADHD in school-aged children has increased two-fold within the past decade. However, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between what is ‘normal’, immature behavior of young children from actual symptoms of ADHD.

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A person who chooses to work in health care has the moral duty to protect and maintain the health of his or her patient. If an individual chooses not to have an annual influenza shot because of his or her own reasoning, is this considered a violation of that duty? Contrarily, is it ethically justified to force those working in the medical field to get an immunization they do not want with threats to their positions?

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