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Snapchat is an app that is constantly growing. It has become so big that all teenagers rely on and are constantly using. Although the app is a unique way to communicate with others, there have been many issues regarding the types of images sent and who your best friends were. Accoriding to an article on, the "best friends" aspect of Snapchat was ruining many relationships. People were seeing that their boyfriend/girlfriend were best friends with other people and ended their relationships.

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Baltimore, Maryland has been in complete chaos because of the severe riots. Police officers are being harrased and stores are being robbed as if there is no one watching. President Obama called the riots "senseless violence and destruction." A curfew had to be created to limit the extreme violence and protests. The fight is mainly against the police brutality and the majority of the black community wants to see a change occuring regarding this issue.

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            Tesla motors the company, as we know as an all-electric car producer has now expanded into a new market. They have strayed a little away from cars in producing a battery that is able to power a house. Tesla expanding to the residential or business electricity could really mean a much greener and more efficient future in terms of electricity. The battery is basically made to keep and store the solar energy and use it after the sun goes down.

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Those who have been watching the news would know that there have been many violent protests in Baltimore. It all started when Freddie Gray, a young African American man died in police custody. According to many articles, Freddie was in good health conditions prior to his arrest however he suffered several injuries to the neck and spine while being tussled into the police car during his arrest. It later resulted in him falling into a coma. He eventually passed away and his death was ruled a homicide.

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April 25, 2015 is a date that will never be forgotten by the people living in Nepal.  A 7.9 magnitude earthquake shocked the Nepalese people.  According to the CBC article written by The Canadian Press titled “Nepal earthquake: Stranded Canadian says Ottawa not doing enough to bring citizens home” on the 27 of April, this is the biggest earthquake to hit Nepal in approximately 80 years.  The Canadian government has “pledged $5 million in initial aid” (The Canadian Press) and according to another CBC article written by CBC News also on April 27 at the time of the earthquake “there [were] 462

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According to a new report released by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the untouched riches of planet earth's oceans are estimated to be worth a shocking 24 trillion dollars. This absurd number is the size of the world's leading economy.  The report released on Thursday refers to the oceans as economic powerhouses. These special resources are quickly eroding due to over-exploitation, misuse and climate change. 

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I believe that globalization should be halted. Even as a Canadian citizen, I think the globalization is a selfish act by North American countries. Globalization is not beneficial to most countries around the world. It prevents people from living a middle class life leaving many in a lower class. The western countries, specifically Canada and the United states are more advanced than most countries. Due to the fact that globalization benefits them, it should be halted to help the countries develop their economy and allow its citizens to have an opportnuity to live a middle class life.

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Michael Andrew is a phenom swimmer and is expected to break Olympic records, all at the age of 16. He has been compared to the 8 time gold metal winner Michael Phelps. But how did he get so good at such a young age? It occurs in sports more and more often in sports these days because the parents want their children to succeed. Parents, more often than not the father, are starting to train their children from such a young age so that they will have an advantage over his/her competitors.

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