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Empirical Observations   In a recent trip to the Osler Library, the opportunity to work with a rare medical book from 1684 was presented.

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This Baltimore Sun article written by Aaron Wilson is focused on Ray Rice’s infamous domestic abuse case of 2014. Rice was originally suspended for 2 games but once a video surfaced showing Rice knocking his fiancée unconscious and dragging her out of an elevator, the NFL suspended him indefinitely and his $35 million contract was terminated. The judge later dismissed Rice’s case and he was then finally reinstated back into the NFL. The article ends with quotes from Ray Rice from an interview he did with the Baltimore Sun back in February.

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Upon typing in “ads objectifying women” on Google images, I was blown away by the amount of ads that popped up. I decided to analyze the one that stood out the most to me as I scrolled through the countless thumbnails of ads. The ad I chose was Dolce and Gabbana as they attempt to advertise their jeans by using a very objectifying and problematic strategy.

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The evolution of the Civil Rights movement today has taken a turn towards violence and upheaval of authority. The major difference between the early Civil Rights movement and today’s is the early movement had defined goals. During the Civil Rights Movement, much of the earlier attention was towards the right to vote; however, the movement today has shifted to distributing attention on many injustices surrounding racial tensions.

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