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wburg1 in Learning to Learn
SUNY Brockport
November 17, 2014
When it comes to college, sleep is one of those things a student can’t ever seem to get enough of. Whether it’s pulling an all-nighter studying or an all-nighter partying, messing with your sleep schedule and your quality of sleep can drastically affect your learning potential. Sleep isn’t just important for school, it is also important for your health.

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            In 1983, Denise Stockin’s trial was held in the town of Stuart, Virginia. He was charged for murdering Kenny Arnder for money, he accepted from Tommy McBride. Mc Bride was supposedly angry at Arnder for tricking him on a drug deal and wanted Arnder dead to prove a message to everyone else. There was significant evidence to prove that Stockin killed Arnder. Moreover, Stockin confessed to killing another man in 1979.The jury found the defendant guilty and sentenced him to death because he was found to be a future danger to society.

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The article “Race and Racism Central Issue of Election” by Margaret Hageman from The Toronto Star on October 14, 2014 discusses the issue of racism in Toronto and emphasizes the importance of electing a mayor who comprehends the role that racism plays within the city (Hageman, 2014, para 2). When a place has “Diversity Our Strength” as their motto, the author finds it important to have a leader who understands racism. The current white majority in Toronto will soon become the minority as the number of non-white people in the city increases (Hageman, 2014, para 3).

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The article “Michael Brown Shooting: Why Black Americans Believe They're Targeted by Police” by Mark Gollum on CBC News from august 13, 2014 discusses how black Americans perceive themselves as being targeted by the police and why that would be the case (Gollum, 2014, para 2). The recent killing of unarmed teenager, Michael brown, by a Caucasian police officer has caused a reaction of outrage across the United States, especially in predominantly black communities.

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The article “American Schools are STILL Racist, Government Report Finds” written in the Huffington post explains that students of color who attend public schools are most likely to get punished and to have incompetent teachers. It is shown that students with a different “race” than white are most likely to get expelled or suspended. There are a large amount of teachers who fail to meet certification requirements and teach at public schools. Sadly, these teachers teach minority students which leads to low academic performance.

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Even though the death penalty is abolished in the majority of the countries of the world, in some countries it is still in effect as of today. I believe that this is something that should be changed in the world, and even though major progresses have been made about this situation, it is still an important ethical problem.  

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  Why is there still a significant disparity of wealth in this world?  

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