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As Earth’s population continues to rise exponentially, there is a growing concern over the negative environmental consequences associated with powering such a rapid growth. Such a consequence is coal-induced air pollution, mainly caused by the developing world’s overreliance on said fossil fuel and the exorbitant amount they use and have access to. Air pollution has negative effects on the respective populations health, economy, quality of life and of their environments.

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Victoria, Katelyn, Melodie   Religion and culture have the power to shape us as human beings, down to our core beliefs. Though, it is surprising to see the amount of impact it can have on our ecological beliefs. More specifically: climate change and the air of denial surrounding it. Some religions do not see the need to personally care for the environment, believing that their God is in charge of everything that happens to the world. Others, in their culture, engage in practices that are more taxing on the environment than we believe.  

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David Normand, Guillaume Fraticelli, Étienne Poirier   Transportation by cars represents 12% of all Green House emissions all around the world. It has become a part of our daily lives and has been an industry in continuous development. Companies fight to make the fastest, prettiest and strongest car compared to other competitors, while what they should actually do is design the most efficient, low consuming and environmentally friendly car they can.  

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Perceptions and Identity; The Locus of Health Disparities among Black American Women  

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From slavery to economic inequality in contemporary society, African Americans have a history of being marginalized. In an article by William Wilson, the important relationship between race (African Americans) and income segregation (joblessness) is analyzed in a thought provoking way.

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The crime of omission; omitting a person or group from a privilege or system; in ways that limit and negatively impact possibility, growth and prosperity. In this case, the perpetrator; the Government of Canada, the victims; First Nation’s people. Throughout Canadian history up until this very day, tremendous ethnical injustices have unfolded due to systemic racism and sociological discrimination, which have consequently left one group vulnerable to racial prejudices and impoverishment.

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Throughout the course of history, the differentiation and classification of the Homo sapiens species has played a crucial role in the success and achievement of those who have written it. Alas, for we all know, history is written by the winners, but what if almost half of the contestants that ever tried their chance at that glory were merely disqualified based on eye color or length of one’s fingers? Would we not scream for injustice, demand equality or even retribution on the behalf of all those unfairly condemned?

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