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Fashion in High School was all about “American Apparel.”  The vast majority of students would be covered from head to toe with the company’s clothing on a daily basis. The trend has died down, but there are still several supporters of the company. However, it was such an impactful trend that people started to ignore their advertisements. This should not be a surprise, due to the fact that when people are sincerely attached to a product line, they tend to ignore any possible negativity that halo’s over the company.

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“The drive for clean air” was published by O’Toole Randal during the fall of 2001. This article shows how cars pollute in such a degree, that it can create multiple health problems, reduction of visibility, acid rain and even global warming! Not all is lost as the United States did make some changes. In the past 30 years, the government dramatically decreased air pollution from cars by regulating them. Some strategies to reduce the amount of driving people did nothing but harm. One of these strategies consisted in augmenting congestion.

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