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In Alana Semuels's article named Highways destroyed America’s cities, the author wants to informs us on how the construction of 41000 urban highways since 1956 by the federal highway bill in order to facilitate transportation between metropols led to increased noise pollution, air pollution, displacement of homes, traffic and that changes need to be done soon in order to profit everyone else (Semuels A. Para.3). 

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In the news article " how the world could be running out of fish" it refers back to our older generations and discusses how we use to be hunters and gathers and that now fish are the only wild anmals that we hunt in large numbers. Many of the animals left on the planet are not hunted as much as they use to  because there simply isn't  a great number of certain species.  Certain marine animals like whlaes won't even be seen by future generations because of the potential risk certain species are of becoming extinct.

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Aly Thomson, Canadian Press contributor, in her article "Canada Overfishing: Cod Stock, Other Species May Never Bounce Back, Study Says", summarized a study that states that the cod population, along with other Canadian fish species, haven't been able to reproduce and grow their numbers or to even keep a steady population due to overfishing. Thomson also explained that fish species usually have a normal, periodic population growth and decline cycles but the cod population hasn't reached its norm level in over twenty years which is a very scary thing to think about.

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The purpose of the article “How Climate Change Moves Mountains” by Taisha Mitchell is to inform us on how climate change affects glaciers and their erosion that in turn shape the landscapes and release sediments into the environment. As an example in the given text, the issue is caused by an increasing temperature in the Polar Regions that accelerates the rate of meltdown of those glaciers and that in turn shapes mountains and releases sediments harmful for the environment into water sources.

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Karl Mathiesen and Arthur Neslen’s article named "VW scandal caused nearly 1m tonnes of extra pollution, analysis shows" is written with a purpose to inform us about how Volkswagen diesel-powered cars were rigged and emitted for a long time toxic Nitric Oxide gases away from the eyes of the public .

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The purpose of this article is to explain the impacts of refugees’ immigration in Europe and convince that they can bring positive consequences their host countries. As shown in the article, the migration of this large amount of possible workers in Europe could have great economic impacts on a long-term basis. Indeed, many countries of the European Union are now facing the issues of aging populations and low birth rates (Dahlburg & Condon, 2015, para. 1). However, the integration of these refugees could involve economic investments to host countries.

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