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This article is very interesting. Since I was born, I have never heard of force marriage but in this article. This article shows the beliefs and culture of people from Congo which it might be relevant to a lot of people especially people from Asia. This article mentions how a lot of girls in Congo committees force marriage because they lost their verity. Parents and communities believes that a girl should stay virgin until they get married and when they have sex before then, they get kicked out of the house and in the community as well.  

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Patcher, Bernstein, Szalacha and Coll’s (2010) study investigated at which frequency children see or are in presence of racism. The hypothesis of this study was that racism could have negative impacts on the health and development of a child, but also on his emotional and psychological reactions.

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Caughy, O'Campo and Muntaner’s (2004) study examined the relationship between African American parents who have experienced racism and the mental health of their children of pre-school age. The main hypothesis of the study was that parents who self-reported experiences of racism would have an effect on the development of their children socioemotionally through the effects of their strategies of racial socialization. The participants of this study were predominately African American, but the study also included European Americans as well as mixed race people.

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Do Social Services Matter for Child Maltreatment Prevention?: Interactions between Social Support and Parent's Knowledge of Available Local Social Services In this article (Tori Negash and Kathryn Maguire-Jack 2015) looks at how general policies to give services to the community decreases the incidence of child abuse and neglect. In the article authors gives a way to think about decreasing child abuse and neglect that many people might not think about. Authors believes that adding efforts to increase connections between parents may be effective.

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Man allegedly shot and killed by police for holding a “gun” up and having drugs on him. Witnesses stated Mr.Scott did not have a gun in his hand , he was holding up a book.

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During today time for some people it is difficult to be a democrat or republican. From my experience I don’t think that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are qualified to be a president of United States of America. However, there are only two candidates that are running for our next President, so I think that people should be aware of who they vote for.

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An inside look on the thoughts of 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his refusal to stand during the national Anthem. Learn the meaning behind one the most controversial moments in sports in decades.

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For centuries, race was believed to be a legit basis for the social classification of groups. Although it is scientifically proven that race does not exist in the human genome, people still choose to believe it is real. This is due to the fact that " what is defined as real its real in its consequences" according to the Thomas theorem. As stated in class, the dominant group imposes the concept of race because it benefits them. Because of this, people are negatively affected by this social concept. 

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It’s simple, isn’t it? We can see the things that make humans different from each other. Hair texture and color, body proportions, and skin tone. These differences are so obvious and easy,  how can they be wrong? Well, they can be wrong because ‘races’ are not as black and white as people may think. By just using traits that are convenient to our eye, we create categories that are very subjective and not at all concrete. Since the traits we like to use are not consistent, the lines between ‘races’ become very blurred.

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When people lay their eyes on me, they can clearly see I’m not Caucasian. When I was a kid, I didn’t realize people are curious about my ethnicity background, because during my middle school, half of the students were Asian. Therefore, I would rarely get the question “Where are you from?” since I was born in Canada, until I got to high school. We weren’t really “visibly” diverse, so each time I meet someone new they will ask the question, and I would give them a short and innocent answer “Here”.

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This assignment will discuss my own personal experiences and a combination of the material that I learned in class. I will also go through my own reflections that I developed and how my perspective on our society has changed during the course of my class lectures.  

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