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Maria Jose Acosta 28/10/2014 Article summary.   Cold Heart.  

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Hanging around male friends, I've heard sexist comments directed towards me as "jokes", and honestly, I've been guilty of laughing along and replying with an equally sexist comment, all in the name of good fun. But was laughing the correct behavior in this situation or should I have felt offended instead? In a culture that glorifies the trait of being funny and having a sense of humour, I defend my behavior by telling myself that I couldn’t have acted in any other way.

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           The article “A National Inquiry For Aboriginal Women Should Not Be a Partisan Issue” written by Carolyn Bennett at the Huffington Post on July 22 this year, denounces the present Canadian Conservative government’s lack of concern towards the social problems affecting it’s Indigenous population. Over the last decade, hundreds of aboriginal women and girls have gone missing or been killed, nonetheless the Harper government has refrained from initiating a national public inquiry.

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After watching the movie ‘Miss Representation’, a friend and I started a discussion about the media’s effect on women and how it ends up affecting both genders negatively. While women are constantly under the pressure to look a certain way, my friend made the point that men are under that same pressure. While I argued that I was focusing more on the physical and superficial aspects of this negative effect, my friend once again pointed out that men had the same pressures too.  Walking through the downtown area of St.

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