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                In Jess Sander’s article where she writes about Game of thrones, she mentions how rape is being used as a plot and women as decoration. She mentions she is greatly repulsed by the man working on this television show because he openly admits playing with the perverted side of the audience. The writer also presents the men and the women stereotypically. This entails that to be a real man, one must be strong, conquer and have sexual intercourse and to be a real woman, one must marry and give herself to her significant other for any desire he has.  

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            In this advertisement, they claim that eating Doritos will get you a woman who is out of your league. As the commercial begins, there is your stereotypical geeky guy sitting alone at a park bench reading a book while eating Doritos. He is wearing his stripped shirt, his sneakers and black framed glasses. What are the chances a guy like that could get a tall, skinny, beautiful woman? Stereotypically all he wants is sex. Suddenly, a half-naked attractive girl pops out of nowhere and jogs right by him without acknowledging his presence.

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Along with the progressive forces of feminism, people are more aware about the sexist problem and become rational to the equality of men and women, but even the issue of feminism has been out for over 100 years, a part of men still don’t have a clear understanding about what feminism is and still have a negative attitude about feminist, thinking they are all irrational men hater who wants to take away what men have.

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First, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Karolane Rondeau, and I’m a third year Business Management student at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal in Montréal city. The website Corporate Kings is a specialized website on ethics in business. It’s where I found an article concerning a company who created natural rubber. This is an ethical company because they were aware of the need to protect the environment and they chose to make the necessary efforts to create an eco-friendly rubber.

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