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The affects of drinking and driving not only can ruin your own life, but also any others that you surround yourself with.

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Published on March 19, 2014, the article “B.C. names Canada’s first seniors advocate” by Andrea Woo, addresses the rising issue of elderly abuse in Canada and what the country has done in an attempt to manage such a concern.

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Homelessness and hunger, the problem is endless. But food insecurity is just as troublesome for the poor.

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A Dark Side Uncovered The research article by J.K. Rodriguez, Joining the Dark Side: Women in Management in the Dominican Republic, is significant because of the social facts has influenced past years and still continues. This influence does not consist of good factors shaping the social structure, institutions, and interactions. The research topic of women in management was imperative for three reasons because 1) the issue of men vs. women in the workplace, 2) the women’s lives gives the theory that there is need for economic development, and 3) research usually focus on white women’s experiences. The analysis of information created was through constructivist approach to address the purpose. The discourse analysis is an appropriate method for this research topic because it does not apply categories. Women in management confronted struggles related with assumptions and expectations of men and other women, on the subject of identities and roles. Women in management did not meet the other women and men expectations. Therefore, these women were considered a contradiction according to the others and this has led to oppression against them. The research article emphasized three relevant parts, which are the constant issue of women in management, the lives of these working women in developing countries, and the relation of gender with diversity to recognize the status of women. The gendered assumptions enforced limitations to the ability for women to move in management. There was operating assumption of sisterhood that had women side with the other women. There were implications of understanding the women in management but they were wrong. The division of labor, salaries, advancement, and career opportunities connected to assumptions about the women’s role in their family, marriage, and motherhood. Due to culture there was the assumption reinforcing the belief of females being inferior. This assumption was the women’s way of life to only be focused on domestication. This is the reason why men are considered normal in the career field and women are not. When women in management do their job in the appropriate manner but then considered an open target to name calling from individuals, such as the men and other women. I have experienced with the elderly always trying to emphasize this way of life. Personally, our society has evolved from negative behavior and attitudes displayed toward women.   Work cited Rodriguez, J. K. (2013). Joining the dark side: women in management in the Dominican Republic. Gender, Work & Organization, 20(1), 1-19. doi:10.1111/j.1468-0432.2010.00541.x

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The need of transport affects everybody in our society. Whether it is to get to school, work or to meet up with people, none of that would happen if there were no means of getting there. The automobile has been for a long time the most popular way to get from point A to point B, but now with the prices for petrol getting higher and in a near future the possible lack of fuel, other transport systems are getting much more popular.

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The rate of successful marriage has declined over the years and many don't know why. Could observing gay and lesbian marriages help us understand why straight marriages are failing and help stop the rate of divorce?

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Briana Jones

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In the article published on January 27th, "Russian Activist Alexei Navalny Publishes Data pointing to Corruption at Sochi Olympics" by Nataliya Vasilyeva, it is unveiled that even though Winter Olympics hosts less athletes than the summer ones, the 2014 Winter Olympics are proving to be the most costly Games of all time, about $51 billion worth. More than the double of the money actually needed was spent on building 10 of the venues.

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