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A lot of people right know are wondering what learning will be like in the future. Some people are saying that the education should still be the same because the education system is good the way it is right now. Other peoples thinks that the future of learning should be different, in a sense that technology would be a better thing in the future to help students learn. Schools should put more importance on passion that their students have because in that way they will be more interested by the subjects in school.

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If choosing a baby was as easy as choosing a pair of shoes, would you do it? “Designer Babies” may be the next new fad in the near future; however scientists’ debate whether its use will be for eliminating genetic disorders or opening doors to vanity. Author Mike Steere from CNN reports on scientists that are genetically screening and curing embryos so that they can be born without debilitating diseases. This breakthrough advancement in technology can revolutionize how we conceive; so why not alter the child’s eye color, hair color and maybe their personality at the same time?

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