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Wow, the “man box” plays such a huge role in society. Why does it lead to negative thinking though? This so called “man box” is not your best option to look towards in life in my opinion. It’s just creating crimes, deaths and all in all negativity scenarios. When will men break out of the ‘man box’? Unfortunately, we may never know, but I hope it comes to an end someday. This box of words that is basically saying what men should be is creating a lot of violence in our society. Men can’t be fags, pussies, weak and so on according to this box.

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The article ‘’Teacher’s lesson about racism offends his bosses’’ by John Kass in the Chicago Tribune from June 5th, 2014 explains that a teacher was put on administrative leave from school because he taught ‘’racism’’ to kids.

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     The article “Dozens Demonstrate in Morocco against racism” by Associated Press in The Washington Post on September 11th, 2014 explains that many activists in Morocco having a rare process after the murder or a migrant from Senegal. They are having this protest a year after Morocco changed new policies regarding immigration to make it easier for new immigrants in Morocco to have their status legalized. Charles Ndour was on a visit in Tangiers with pals when he was suddenly attacked and stabbed back in August.

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