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The article on “Harvesting dead girl’s eggs” by Mikaela Conely (ABC news medical unit) is about Chen Aida Ayash a young 17 year old girl from Israel who died in a car accident. After her death, Chen’s parents decide to remove and freeze Chen’s “eggs”, in other words extracting her “ova” so they can use her eggs to reproduce the children that she could of eventually gave birth to. The parents donated her organs and even went to court to request her daughters “eggs”.

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            While many North-Americans think of this as a subject which is taboo, it’s getting more and more attention from politicians and the people.  Indeed, the debate on the legalization of marijuana is starting to evolve in a way where the society is educated about this plant, getting to know its advantages and disadvantages, instead of frightened.  The article ‘‘Herb mentality; 39%of Canadians have used marijuana and many more are disposed to legalization.

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In the article “Father given unsupervised access to children he molested” published by CBC News on November 28th, 2013 explains that the safety and well-being of children is not always secure even though we might think it is. Many children are abused by the people who should of have given them love and safety, but instead result in pain.

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